Participatory planning board games: (Re)designing America Square (Athens) at TEDxNTUA 2022 #PLAY

Urbana designs and organises participatory planning board games. These experiential games are oriented towards adults and children, aiming to come in contact with participatory urban planning and the diverse opinions it accompanies it in a fun way.

We played a pilot of this game at TEDx NTUA 2022 #PLAY, which took place at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, about (re)designing America Square in the centre of Athens.

When we deal with cities, we are dealing with life at its most complex and intense. – Jane Jacobs

With participatory urban planning, an innovative approach to urban regeneration in the Greek context, the entire community is involved in the city planning process, thus giving the floor to people with diverse backgrounds and identities.

Playing is a vital tool for participatory urban planning because it brings us closer and helps us acknowledge our diverse needs and desires in the urban space.

The goal is not only to record the everyday needs but also to highlight the voices of the people who want to appropriate their neighbourhoods creatively.

The game we designed can be played in a real-life environment with the neighbours or the users of a specific area as players.

Location: MCF – Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, TEDxNTUA 2022

Period: May 2022

Participated: 20 participants