ELABORATOR: The European Living Lab on designing sustainable urban mobility towards climate neutral cities

The mobility of the people in the city is a big chapter in urban planning. The way in which urban transport is designed, operated, and maintained, for example, has a significant impact on the safety and quality of life of the people who use it. In fact, each social group is affected differently, and even more so the most vulnerable, such as women and femininities, people with disabilities, the elderly, and people of different origins or of lower income. Smart mobility planning in the city means that it serves everyone’s needs and desires, intersectionally.

Thus, the aim of the European ELABORATOR project is to ensure safe and sustainable, inclusive urban mobility for all people. Over the next 3 years, following a holistic approach and using interdisciplinary methodologies, practical tools, recommendations, and guidelines will: 

  • Support urban planners, industrial technology agents, and policy-makers in designing and implementing interventions towards a more friendly mobility, based on the new EU urban mobility framework. 
  • Carry out interventions in 12 cities across Europe, including Ioannina and Trikala. 

These interventions will be designed and implemented through the cooperation of vulnerable social groups with local authorities and relevant stakeholders. They include the use of smart enforcement tools to redesign and dynamically reallocate space, as well as integrate active and green transport modes. 

We believe that through these interventions we are one step closer to creating climate-neutral cities, where safe, inclusive, and sustainable mobility, shaped by participatory, bottom-up processes will prevail.

Location: European program

Period: June 2023 – December 2026

Participants: 12 European cities

The project is a Horizon Europe research and innovation funding program by the EU, under the Call: HORIZON-MISS-2022-CIT-01(Research and Innovation actions for support the implementation of the Climate Mission) neutral and Smart Cities.